Welcome Students and Parents!

The entire faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Education of Grand Ridge Community Consolidated School District 95 extend a welcome to parents and students entering our school each day. We are committed to support each student to reach their full potential academically, while they attend our school in an environment that is safe for learning.

The education process will work best when the home and the school cooperate and work together. Please feel free to communicate with the school whenever you feel the need. If there are any questions or concerns about a matter, please contact the appropriate person. The proper procedure would be to first contact the teacher then principal, then superintendent and then school board members.

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Student Handbook

See full handbook under downloads.

Extra Curricular Policy

Any student who wishes to participate in an extracurricular activity during their school experience may do so if they meet the academic and behavioral expectations as outlined in the Student-Parent/Guardian Handbook and Extra Curricular Policy. These guidelines represent the Grand Ridge School District Policy for student participation in all extracurricular activities.


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