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Parking Drill Wed. May 27


Next year we will have to make some major changes to the parking situation in our lot.  This will require a change in drop-off and pick-up procedures for our whole school.  Here are some of the changes:

  1. The parking lot will be accessible only from the south entrance near the gym.  It will be one way moving from south to north.  During Drop-off and Pick-up when buses are in the parking lot, the area will not be accessible by parents or visitors. All of the empty parking slots will be for employee parking only.
  2. After drop-off, there will be some visitor slots along the west side of the building next to the school for use during the day and for Senior Citizens Luncheon.
  3. We will require the parking spaces on the south side near the gym for staff and employee parking.  This will be a major change, and require students to be dropped off near the crossing guard.
  4. The Grand Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is requesting that no one park on the south side of Main Street across from the school (on the road and near the gas station parking area) as this would impede traffic and cause safety issues with people exiting the gas station parking lot.
  5. Walkers and drop-off/pick-up students will enter and exit through the gym lobby doors at the beginning and end of the day, just as we are doing now.

On Wednesday, May 27th we will work in coordination with the Village of Grand Ridge

Police department to practice our parking situation and drop-off and pick-up procedures. We know that with their help this process will go smoothly.  We ask that you are particularly vigilant on Wednesday for the safety and well-being of our children. Thank you for your help!

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